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[Equipment] Cisco 4 line VOIP phone any good ?

Looking at getting 2 of these:

Cisco SPA 504G 4 Line Phone

Anyone have any experience with these? Seems like a good price for a 4 line SIP phone, but I don't want to have problems with call quality or configuration. Carriers will be callcentric for 3 lines and 1 line on something else, likely Can anyone say "yes" or steer me away? Thanks!

From Mazilo
Lilburn, GA
I don't use such an IP Phone. So, I wouldn't know the answer to your question. However, if you wanna save $$$$ and also would like to be able to have many different SIP and/or other protocols lines with an existing ATA devices, your best solution is to use a Digital PBX System, i.e. Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, etc. If you had an old computer desktop and don't mind wasting electrical bill, you sure can use it as your PBX System. For me, I would prefer to shell out no more than US$20 to invest on an inexpensive Linux embedded system and use it to run any PBX System. As of this writing, I am using a Seagate DockStar running on an OpenWRT OS with FreeSWITCH as my PBX System. It draws a little less than 3 Watts of electricity and provides many different SIP lines, Google Voice services, and among other things with two extensions.
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Millburn Mel
reply to desklarry
This blog deals with that exact issue, configuring that specific Cisco phone with CallCentric:

» ··· rom.html


·Cogeco Cable
reply to desklarry
We use these phones in our office connected to an asterisk server, and they work great. Speakerphone is loud & handset sound quality is excellent. We have about 75 of them and I've never received a complaint.

When we tested the phones in the office people liked the feel of the handset - you could hold it against your ear with your shoulder, and you could move the handset around in your hand and the sound from the motion wouldn't transfer to the call (seems silly but that was the feedback we received).

I still buy them for new users as needed.

Configuration would be easy for you as it can all be done via the web interface.

North York, ON
reply to desklarry
I have used the Cisco SPA500 series phones, and I'm quite happy with them. They're not perfect, but they have great build quality, great audio quality, and they look good. I recommend them.

reply to desklarry
thank you for the reviews, I'm comfortable going forward with these now!