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FIOS wireless spotty after rain!

The problem is that whenever it rains my fios wireless seems to drop range drastically and keeps dropping connection, and won't load pages, very slow speed test etc. etc.

Some facts.
1) I have had fios at my new construction house for 4 years
2) I have the latest router as Verizon replaced it due to my problems
3) nothing has changed in my setup
4) this happens across the board, iPad, pc etc etc
5) fios tv, phone no problems at all
6) they just built the last lost next to my house and my fiber runs through the front yard where they had to dig through.
7) never had a problem until this
8) if I am on top of the router, connection has no problems
9) if I am ten feet away, major problems
10) only seems to happen after heavy rain and a few days following it.
11) there is no water anywhere near the router or the actual ont or whatever that fios main box is. It is in my basement on the wall and it is bone dry.

So again, how would rain effect wireless performance? Or is it actually something else with the rain effecting the Internet end of fios, which appears to be as a wireless issue.


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West Chester, PA
You don't indicate if you confirmed if you are having the same page load problems, slow speed tests, etc using a wired connection to the router.

It's possible for water to get into an outside fiber connection and could cause slow speeds, incomplete page loads, etc. If that's the case, you should be seeing the same problems on both wired and wireless connections. This wouldn't affect wireless range however.
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reply to sluri
You may be just using a causative effect. Meaning you associate it with rain however I know in my neighborhood when it rains the kids all go on the Internet.

I would suggest using a program like inssider to look at the network channels while it is raining. You may find lots of people using the same channel as you and slowing you down.

From what you describe it's probably not a fiber issue however I have seen issues at splicing trays and sometimes ice issues or cladding failure but that is usually much older fibre. Also you say the other services are fine.

Try to use channels 1 6 or 11 because older routers can cause heck if you veer out of these channels.

The range on Verizon routers is pretty bad so consider using a third party one if you continue to have issues..I bought a great tplink that does dual band for $35.