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Re: [Updated] [Free] Opera Browser v 12.13 final

said by PCInTech:

...ran nice for a couple days, then while on Facebook, it got TOTALLY screwed up, wouldn't restart at all. Tried reinstalling, no dice. Had to go back to 12.12 to get it to work! ...

You're certainly not alone. This particular Opera version seems to be having more than its share of "issues", more commonly for those who are installing via "update" over top of an older installation (clean-install users seem to have better results). Issues especially involve crashing or stops-responding problems after 12.13's "autoupdate" has checked for new versions (and after the user clicks OK) in both Windows and Linux versions, as well as some crash-looping that appears to involve presence/use of widgets. Still other users are having serious install/uninstall issues with the new Opera installer (which, since it's first generation, was never really user-tested prior to this release against older "final" versions), and are also having recurring crashes upon startup. A few users are reporting apparently irreversible crash issues following usage on Facebook. Finally, there may be a conflict with EMET that sometimes kills Opera's plug-in wrapper because of potential DEP issues.

The net effect is that 12.13 has not been the best or most stable version in Opera's developmental history... an unusual number of early users seem to be reverting back to 12.12 or earlier into the 11.6x family. In any case, I would recommend that if one ventures to install 12.13, they consider installing it as a fully clean install, not over top of an earlier version... then copy over the necessary personal files from the older installation to 12.13. That way, the old installation would still be useable should you be one of the unfortunate ones experiencing crashes or crash-loops with the new version.
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