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Port Coquitlam, BC
reply to Foggy

Re: [BC] TELUS High Speed Turbo 25 Usage being reduced 50%

Complaining isn't going to work. At best they'll credit your account the price difference, and keep charging the 99% of other people who arent on DSlreports / complain.

The only way to show Telus, is to hit them where it hurts, there pockets. I don't see how it's legal to keep raising prices, unless they let people out of their contract.

Call in, cite both the price increase, and bandwidth increase, as a reason to cut the cord. Hit them where it hurts... their wallet.


i know it works, i know it bit off but i'm with sasktel and i phoned to threatened to cancel my max and inet and they gave hd and dtvr free for a year. It helps doesn't it.