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Montreal, QC
reply to silbaco

Re: Why would they?

said by silbaco:

So... what is an ISP going to do if they do not operate in those regions? Well they are not going to peer obviously. They may peer with someone who does peer with Netflix, but it seems that it doesn't matter. You peer with Netflix or not at all. Even if they do operate in these regions, they have to haul the traffic all over their network. Very inconvenient. And these caching servers are not candy. Netflix isn't going to just hand them out. They have a list of requirements to qualify, that doesn't even mean you will get one. And if you don't peer with them, you probably are not going to get one.

It most certainly does matter if you peer with somebody who peers with Netflix. That's how a lot of Canadian ISPs got on OpenConnect.

Netflix doesn't care if your ISP peers with them or not. They care if the traffic goes out through their OpenConnect peering connections, or if it goes out through their paid transit.

The other way to get on OpenConnect, if you're not near a Netflix peering point, is to accept the free OpenConnect caching hardware and stick that on your network. That's how my ISP got on OpenConnect, despite not peering with Netflix.
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