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Re: I have Comcast

said by TamaraB:

said by Happydude32:

From the moment I get home from work to the moment I go to bed the TV is on.

You know there's a couple of good 12 step programs for that problem.

It’s not a problem, it’s a hobby. I enjoy digital entertainment and being consumed by media

said by Corehhi:

Dude you need to get a life. Seriously I'm old with kids and I don't have the time to watch all that.

You have a union job don't you??? They're the only people who have that kind of time on their hands.

No, I don’t need a life. Electronic toys and digital media consumption are my life. The only motivation I have to drag my sorry ass out of bed in the morning to go to work is to get money to buy new toys. What am I supposed to do after work? Be like a good portion of the American population and hang out at some lousy bar and drink devils piss (AKA alcohol), get inebriated and act like a total jackass? No, I don’t have a union job, not sure why that matters. I’m supposed to work four 10 hour days (Mon – Thur) and have Fridays off. But this is our busy season at work, I work 11-12 hour days most days with mandatory Fridays. After getting up at 3:45AM and sometimes not getting home until 5 or 6 in the evening, what am I supposed to do with my life besides vegetate in front of the TV? After working 55-60 hours a week, the weekend is my time to continue to do nothing. Sorry if watching a ton of TV doesn’t qualify as a life to you, but you try working that many hours a week doing physical labor for 6 months out of the year, and then cutting down to only 40-42 hours a week during the summer months, and tell me how motivated you are to do much of anything else.
said by 54761437:

If you've got the money and enjoy paying stupid amounts of money every month for TV, then more power to you. But I would say you're not representative of the average TV viewer who only watches a few channels/shows and pays for a bunch of garbage to subsidize the expensive content producers like Disney.

And honestly, how is Netflix not worth $8 a month? If you're already paying $200 or $300 a month for cable and satellite, you're worried about another $8? lol

Considering I watch a ton of Disney owned content via the ESPN Networks, I don’t give a rats ass about what they cost. If I had the choice between losing ESPN and having my bill go down or keep ESPN and play an extra $15/month, there’s no decision to make here. I need my ESPN!

And no, Netflix isn’t even worth used toilet paper. I signed up for the month free trial last year after subscribing to their DVD by mail service when it first came out for a few years. The streaming content selection was so piss poor. Just about every movie and TV show I wanted to watch was not available for online streaming. I missed the first few seasons of King of the Hill. I used Netflix to stream the first few seasons of that show and then canceled the service about two weeks into my free trial as I was so disgusted with it. The only stuff I found worth a damn was the Starz content, which is now gone. But in comparing both the audio and video quality between Netflix streaming and what I get on cable with Starz HD, there was no comparison. It sucked.

I get more value out of paying $6 for the Latino Package on TW, and I don’t speak a work of Spanish then I would out of flushing $8 down the toilet with Netsux.
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