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Old and Cranky
Cortland, OH
·Time Warner Cable
reply to CylonRed

Re: Gonna love the 30+ degree change

We got about an inch of snow very early this morning. Blowing like hell and the snow was so fine, it appeared foggy instead of snowy. I was out later in the day, and although it didn't seem that cold to me, the wind made it very uncomfortable. Eyes were watering and it felt like icicles forming on my cheeks. And I was only outside for about half an hour or so. It's pretty calm right now, though. Just north of here, in the "snow belt", they're getting a lot of snow. It's really amazing what a difference there is in just a handful of miles. Love that "lake effect" snow. It's particularly significant this year, as the lake (Erie) hasn't frozen over yet. They've had to reschedule the annual Mosquito Lake Ice Fishing Tournament a couple of times already this year, as there's no ice on the local pond to speak of. Definitely not enough to venture out onto.
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