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Re: [Northeast] High pings / bad routing...

said by Smith6612:

Here's the thing though. The reason why I stated it couldn't be going to France was due to the fact that with the way Verizon sends things, it seems you have to tack on at least 10ms for a round trip just to New York. From there, transit tends to be around 80ms from France in back. When you go: Connection > NYC > Peer > France > New York and back in a round trip you've got something that would easily hit 160+ms. Unless it's "turning around" somewhere in the middle of the ocean?

Anyways, here's the pings to the two servers you asked for. New York server is first followed by the server in France.

Understood now, thanks for doing the traces.

said by Xtreme2damax:

If I wasn't being routed to VA I might not experience this issue. Any way I can change the route to use a path in NY? It's kind of silly to be routed to VA and back when connecting to a NY server when I reside in NY.

I know "VA" is in the description but now I'm not so sure if it is physically located in VA. Yesterday I changed my IP and got a "NY" router for my 4th hop. However, if you judge only by IP address they all share the first two octets:

Using about a dozen different online IP 'tracer' tools and WHOIS information, all 3 routers were listed as being in VA. The latency between you and the VA hop was 10-12ms, pretty fast for being four states away. I am guessing they are all hosted in the NYC area and the location designation is for destination routing purposes, not their actual location. Take this with a grain of salt as I'm just speculating.

North Tonawanda, NY
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You're welcome. Updated my last post to show a France trace.

I've never understood why latency on FiOS isn't this good and I've always thought it was due to some legacy bits in the network or the way the fiber is running.

Has anyone tried tracing something on * during the times where other locations show no issues? Those remain problematic well into the morning for me at home.