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Hilo, HI
reply to DrDrew

Re: Security Flaws in Universal Plug-n-Play: Unplug, Don't Play

said by DrDrew:

Just take that Netgear WNR3500L you got from the SamKnows project, which they replaced with something else, and load Tomato, DD-WRT, or something else onto it: » ··· oad/list

You've already got that router, it's just collecting dust unused right? SamKnows doesn't want it back and you don't like the Netgear firmware on it.

I guess it would be ok to do that. The original agreement with SK was that we would not be able to change the firmware on the Netgear until 3 years into the project which it has not been. (But they never asked for it back...still, I would need to get permission from them as they still could ask for both back when the testing ends. Plus, I don't have a converter plug for it because the TP-Link didn't come with one for USA electrical power (Neil sent me one that was lying around his office for him to test with as I was the first tester in the USA to get one of them) and he told me to just use the one for the Netgear as it would fit the TP-Link. So, I'd have to buy a converter plug that would fit it before I could try that and in Hilo...
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The WNR3500L takes a pretty standard 12vdc 1a power plug. Available for under $10 with free shipping even to Hawaii at a few sites I checked.

You could also reset your router, if you ever wanted to. You won't lose the version of firmware on it. Linksys doesn't do that, you'd have to open the router and jumper a couple of chip pins to wipe the firmware.

If you want the beta firmware for your old router, look here: » ··· It's BEFSR41V3_v1.06.05_000_code.bin if anything that should give you a file name to search for on your XP machine.

It was posted on this thread, 7 years ago:
»Re: [ENG] TM402P reset
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