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Madera, CA
reply to NetFixer

Re: Am I getting 8 bonded channels?

said by NetFixer:

said by Madtown:

Right now the speed is fine, but later in the evening it won't be. Sometimes it's fine others its not. I just got on a few mins ago and it's 3:48pm, not many ppl are home yet. I saw some kids walking home when I was coming in today, not sure how many of them are CC's customers (or their parents.) I figure it's congestions but I can't be sure, because I haven't been home that much when most ppl aren't home.

The only thing I notice on your stats is that the DS power levels are a bit high. That should not be producing congestion like symptoms, but it is a potential problem.

You have not said what speed tier you are on, or what the speed is when the problem occurs, but unless you are on a 100+ speed tier, swapping from a 4x4 modem to an 8x4 modem is not likely to have much of an impact on your performance (even if your area supports 8 DS channel bonding and you are experiencing prime time congestion).

How would I lower my DS power level? I'm on the Performance speed teir, (20/4 with PB)

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said by Madtown:

How would I lower my DS power level? I'm on the Performance speed teir, (20/4 with PB)

At this point, your DS power levels are at the upper edge of acceptability (in my opinion), but if they have always been that high, it would only mean that it is something to keep an eye on to see if it gets worse over time or with weather changes. If this is something that has recently changed, and previously the values were between -8 dBmV and +8 dBmv (with 0 dBmv being optimal), then it might warrant checking into it further.

About the only thing that you can do yourself is to check all of the coax connections and make sure that they are all tight and clean.

Being on the Performance 20/4 speed tier, you would be very unlikely to see any difference in performance with an 8x4 modem (with or without a congestion problem in your neighborhood).
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