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Columbia, NJ
reply to me1212

Re: Reddit: The Desktop PC is Ready for a Rebirth

said by me1212:

Thats something I never understood. If you get a laptop why turn it into an overly expensive under powered desktop?

Power savings? My desktop PC runs on a 650 watt PSU (not including the monitor) and my laptop runs on a 65watt AC adapter including powering the display. Overly expensive under powered desktop? Well I bought a laptop with a 17.3" display, 750GB HD, 2.50GHz (3.1 turbo boost) Core i5, and 6GB or ram for $418.50 after rebate. I wouldn't necessarily call it overly expensive or really underpowered. Other than gaming at 1080p with all graphics settings maxed, I can do everything else I do on a PC perfectly comfortable on the laptop - even playback of 1080p HD video.