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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to OwlSaver

Re: Fios TV Xbox 360 - Demonstration

I use a Silicondust 3CC--3 tuner. I paid $200 but they really havent lost much value. I still use my HDHR for broadcast channels. The solution has been working for over 2 years so the money I put in has more than paid off for leasing and avoiding roku.

I'm interested to see how te dlna comes about and maybe we start seeing some interesting ip boxes. I won't hold my breath tho drm is going to be a biatch..

Setting up w7mc and the funky rdp that msft uses is no easy task.

The only thing tat I see out there that can compete for the plug and play crowd is TiVo. They will be coming out with ip boxes in a few months. The bad is they will charge monthly service fee. If its more than 4 dollars its a rip. TiVo also has work to do because they lock tuners so I heard to do replay. I did love my directtivos tho...