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Mesa, AZ
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reply to mr_anon_name

Re: [LA] Cox LA Network Upgrades Soon?

said by mr_anon_name :

I'm from the Iberia Parish area, This is my speed test as of today:

I tried a test download of an ubuntu iso. The speed seems to bounce between 24Mbps down to 5Mbps and yo-yos in between. Its been hard trying to find a consistently fast server to test against without speed boost getting in the way.

For what its worth I have one of those VoIP Arris dust collectors.

Really you aren't going to see much more than that with most websites. You'll mainly only see those speeds with bulk download services, e.g. steam, heavily seeded torrents, usenet, and the like.

Most web services don't have the bandwidth to go around offering every single person 50Mbit transfer rates, so they throttle it. If they didn't, at that speed you'll bring a T3 or an OC-1 to its knees. Three of you will bring DS4 or an OC-3 to its knees.

Where I worked last summer, we ran a mini datacenter with only a 50mbit pipe.