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jack s


Update of USG Series

I am considering purchasing a USG series router and see they have been around for about 5 years. Does anyone know if they are going to update the series any time soon?

Kirby Smith

Derry, NH
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They are so wonderful there is no need to.

Seriously, as the present units are significantly configurable by software, the only route for improvement that I see is bringing, (e.g.) USG 300 performance to the USG 50 price. Exclusive of inflation from monetary easing, this would require availability of faster processors and larger memories for less cost, less power drain, and lower thermal load. I would guess that the ability to do that with today's technology is not sufficiently advanced over 5 years ago for a new line to make sense.

A way to possibly predict this would be to consider the router software called pfSense. pfSense can be run in a wide variety of computer configurations. Ignoring its maturity, the question to ask is: Are there computer boards with chassis and Ethernet ports that have performance significantly surpassing any particular USG model that at present cost less to buy than that USG model?


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Dartmouth, NS

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reply to jack s
With the latest update the software is finally getting to where it should be in terms of features and stability so from that point its pretty good. So depends on your requirements for Bandwidth and specific features..........

I would suspect that the USG firmware and approach will not change radically in any new USG type unit. They have made the switch an object oriented design and I dont see any reason to tinker with it other than maybe present the same user interface but design the underneath with further modernized hardware-chips and updated OS, kernal etc........

If they do anything it should be to increase processing power. I have not heard anything yet but from past experience they usually do come out with newer models for at least one of the lineup every couple of years so I would not be suprized to see something in 2013.
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reply to jack s
Current USG series is seriously under-powered in terms of UTM services (AV/IDP/AppPatrol) so it would be wise from Zyxel to do something about it.
As for OS I don't expect any major changes, they already did the smart step towards linux and I'm expecting them to continue the today's OS.

If you don't need UTM services then there's nothing wrong with current series. In fact, you can get some really good deals quite often.

Kirby Smith

Derry, NH
·Fairpoint Commun..
So the way to more bandwidth with the present USG lineup would seem to be to turn IDP/AV/whatever off in the USG and intercept the trunk connection between the USG LAN1 and some following smart switch with a device that devotes its processing power only to IDP/AV/whatever filtering of the passing packets. Well publicized UTM devices seem to do more than that, so I'm not sure such a dedicated device exists. To be useful, it would have to cost less than the price difference to a higher performing USG. (Yearly cost of malware signature subscriptions and power should be included in that comparison.)