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reply to mlord

Re: How to transfer with no down time (TSI to Start)?

said by mlord:

No setup fee -- it's still just a transfer of service. Cancellation date for old ISP same as beginning date with Start.ca, results in a full day of overlap when done with two modems.

I read elsewhere here that the overlap period can be arranged to be a few days if desired.

I believe this to be true too.

When I started with START last April (directly from Cogeco in Cogeco-Land, though), we had 2 modems registered, one with each provider, for something like 2 or 3 days.

Of course, being a guinea pig at that time, it felt right to do that.

My transfer was free, and all went well on the day that START started me up, though there had been some pre-logistics kinks to iron out for the first few of us.

I was able to swap modems, just power it down and the other one up, and sometimes also power cycle the router, IIRC, and a couple of minutes later could be running on the opposite provider.

The main trick seems to be that your modem for START should COME from START - that way, THEY have the MAC address and serial number in advance of sending the beast to you, to give to Rogers or Cogeco in advance of you receiving it.

That way, everyone ELSE is ready by the time that YOU are.


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