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Las Vegas, NV
reply to Rakeesh

Re: [NV] New speeds live in Vegas

Well I have to say you're incredibly fortunate to have whatever plan or rates you're getting - if that's not some kind of promo for a few months, you've got to be either the luckiest person that's ever used Cox (which you probably are) or there's a bug in their system someplace that's allowing you to get that kind of pricing. I couldn't get that kind of pricing even if I worked for 'em...

Hopefully nobody will notice and you'll stay at that pricing for a long time to come because that's just not right - I'm incredibly jealous at the moment and yes even envious as well.

I only have Preferred and I'm being charged almost what you're being charged for Premiere and apparently the phone service as well (which I have no use for since I use VoIP these days from Google Voice).

$32.50 a month, my word that's amazing.

I just re-read your post and apparently you ARE under a promo pricing plan for 12 months so... unless that 12 month period has long since passed, when it does end you'll get the kick to the higher pricing.

Either way, it's still amazing overall.