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Milford, CT
reply to FFH5

Re: Comcast dropping Powerboost with some speed increases

said by FFH5:

I got a letter from Comcast today saying they upped the speed of their Performance tier to 20/4. But speed tests show that with the speed increase, the Powerboost feature appears to be gone as well.

Why does every provider in the US cap the upload speed at 4-5Mbs?


Clearwater, FL
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Why does every provider in the US cap the upload speed at 4-5Mbs?

Not all of them.

anon anon
reply to Rekrul
said by Rekrul:

Why does every provider in the US cap the upload speed at 4-5Mbs?

Because you can't do much more than that with single channel bonding.

Fur It Up

Portland, OR

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reply to Rekrul
I am pulling this out of my head but most broadband is asymmetrical. Putting more bandwidth to downloading than uploading making the connect more efficient. Unless one running a server one dose need much bandwidth for uploading. One could have a symmetrical connection but it will cost you on bandwidth so instead of down/up of 20Mbs / 5Mbs one is left with 14.5Mbs in each direction.

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to Rekrul
Because then you could actually use your connection for more then just pure consumption.


Chesterfield, MO
reply to Scatcatpdx
I don't think cable's DOCSIS bandwidth works that way. There are separate upload and download streams (frequencies/channels) and raising the upload doesn't mean you have to give up download. At some point what you say could be true. Cable plants have ~1Ghz of usable spectrum and until the combined download and upload consume all of that spectrum, changing either doesn't mean the other has to lose.

The coming DOCSIS spec has some lofty claims of possible 10Gbps over coax with a 2Gpbs return path.