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[HN9000] A very static dynamic IP

I supposedly have a dynamic IP address with Hughesnet since I don't pay for a static IP address nor do I want or need one but every time I check my IP at one of many "What's my IP" sites they show two IPs. One is always the same while the last set of digits of the other varies slightly over time. They are both are confirmed as a proxy servers belonging to Hughesnet wit ha location in kansas. I'm not very tech savy when it comes to matters of the internet but is this common to all Hughesnet customers or just me? With other providers in the past my dynamic IP was vastly different every time I logged on as would be expected.


It is pretty much the norm, at least, for me. One site shows the proxy, another shows the actual IP I am using... A lot of it has to do with the proxy though... Most all websites or anything HTTP tends to see you behind the proxy.

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Whether you have static or dynamic IP, the http sites will never show what your IP is, only the proxy. If you want to see the IP of your modem (which you could just look in the modem to see), you have to use https

I suspect the easiest way to do that is to go to Google, make sure that it is https (now the Google default) and type What's my IP and you should see it at the top ahead of the search results.

Hughes dynamic IPs aren't meaningful, because you can't use them for anything with all ports closed. Only static accounts can use the IP for anything.

The test sites show Kansas (middle of the country) when they have no idea where the IP is actually located.
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Thanks for the explainations! It makes much more sense now.