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reply to elwoodblues

Re: Upgrading phone -- Rogers is nuts

Hmm, every year Rogers offers me a new phone to renew my contract, Im usually middle way into my contract, to keep renewing again. Usually is a free phone or somewhere $50-100. Got offered a SGSIII for $99 back in November if I signed up for just one year past my current contract end date.

I've been a Wireless customer for 12 years now though, maybe they keep throwing me bones to stay. I make a lot of use of their LTE coverage, and I have the Super 6GB plan as well, ONE number is really handy when Im at work on the computer too, not much incentive to move to WIND atm. I always pick a phone that I know can go on WIND if I wanted to though (currently on the Xperia Ion).

I think the iPhones are probably just the most expensive phone cost wise for them to subsidize. If you think Rogers is robbiing people blind, the way Apple strong arms carriers with insane profit margins is worse. The "early ugrade fee" smells like BS though if you're in your last year. I got an email back in April offering Droid Razr or the most recent BB Bold for my account, I call, they wanted to charge that fee too. I had the same reaction "Um you contacted me offering... wheres the deal?"