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Re: Am I Crazy and What Can I Do?

Videotron really needs to fix that counter to poll every 15 minutes.
As well, stop banning people from refreshing the page.



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Just an update from my side here as well.

While I am working with Diskace, things are not quite as clear cut as he is portraying them to be here. 1st we have 4 seperate tracking methods (mine and then videotron's tool, a spreadsheet sent to me by Ebox and the nflow that Diskace is talking about).

I haven't had time to sift through them all as I have been working out of town but I will say, just on the face value alone that none of the 3 reports from the ISP side match. One shows 24GB, one shows 31GB and one shows 34GB. The data being given to me is also incomplete, missing time blocks and was sloppily thrown together mixing MB measurements into GB measurements and also, in some cases, double-counts and also even using different standards of measurement for what defines a GB (some methods are using 1024 MB=1 GB and some are using 1000 MB=1 GB). I will say, on their face, and with the discrepancies with the logs I am receiving from the ISP (in this case both Ebox and Videotron) that I cannot seem to rely on them at all. They can't even get their own reports to match, they send incomplete data and they can't even agree on a standard of measurement.

This also does not show if there was some sort of attack (which Ebox was claiming earlier) which I cannot be held liable for, as such attacks would be considered criminal and you cannot charge a victim of a crime for being a victim.

Once I get done working out of town, I will be setting up DUmeter in conjunction with my own router logs and make a comparison. I still do not feel that my logs have any errors whatsoever, however, if there is an issue I will most definitely post it in this thread, along with an apology to Diskace and his team. The problem with DUmeter is with my laptop. I do not solely use it on my own network as I use it for work as well. It also, though I'm not 100% on this, does not capture traffic from devices such as gaming systems or handheld devices (I have 3 gaming consoles and 3 handheld devices) as it has to be installed on the pc's specifically so it will not gather a complete picture (as with other such counters) which is why I went with the router log setup.

Also, on top of this, Diskace has stated that they are not disputing my logs prior to February, yet I have still not received a credit for the 30GB overage I was charged for November that I did not use, though to be 100% honest, I guess I have never come right out and asked for one but once he said they were not disputing those facts, I just assumed that one would be provided.

I was not going to post all of this here, however Diskace felt it necessary to post his side, so I'm updating from mine as well to keep all the facts straight.

I was also told Nitra that you did not have the same issue as me. I was told that you were billed for the wrong profile--not usage related at all, but yet here, he is admitting that it was usage related.

I'm not saying that Diskace is being deceptive, but he definitely did not put the whole story out there. The book is far from closed here.

I will also say that things are still following the same pattern as before. I reported a ~30GB discrepancy for Feb 1st, they did these traces, came back with "no issue" but the issue resolved itself and we've been within a few mb's since the day after I reported the issue.

If the problem truly was with my monitor, we should theoretically never be within a few mb's (especially not for weeks at a time), we should always report different values and the issues should not magically correct themselves. I know I haven't changed anything on my end and they claim they didn't change anything on theirs, however the issue is resolved so we need to find out what is causing the discrepancy and what is correcting that discrepancy. I did a small test yesterday and downloaded/uploaded 80 GB worth of data to see if I could replicate a discrepancy (to see if something was reporting error when confronted with large amounts of traffic in a short time) however the readings for both my counter and Videotron's were very close, so that is not the case.

Please, I'm not bashing on Ebox as they are doing much more than I thought they would and I appreciate that but I would rather reserve judgement until we have the whole, complete picture. If what they are saying is true (though the discrepancies within theirs and Vid's logs leave me pause) then we need to figure out why their modem is reporting traffic that my router is not receiving or seeing (ie that I'm not getting use of).


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So, just an update from my side.

I've added DUMeter to the mix and just as I had suspected, it backs up my router stats. It actually shows a wider discrepancy with the Videotron Usage Monitor than my router, but that is to be expected as it does not take into account handheld devices and videogame systems.

I really do like DUMeter. It is a great setup. I can login to my account from anywhere and see the usage per device per day per hour if I want. Very nice piece of software.


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Just a quick update here.

I'm not sure how much I am allowed to say, so I'll let diskace explain it if he chooses to do so.

All I have to say is that Ebox is absolutely freaking amazing. They have gained a customer for life and if anyone is in Ebox territory, I highly recommend that they don't look anywhere else!!
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Re: Am I Crazy and What Can I Do?


There was nothing "secret" about this issue :P no need to hide the facts.
Facts are that after a lot of back and forth we finally found proof of a problem with the calculation tool, but not network wide.
We did spot checks of a large assortment of clients to assure total chaos is not about to happen, we see that the usage tool issue is only present in one client account (rednekcowboy's).

As soon as there was a confirmation of this issue, we retroactively credited all overage fees on account and added some extra usage to tide him over until this is finally settled.

This was not a simple case, we have been working on it for a few months now, and I am happy to see almost resolved.
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I'm sorry, wasn't trying to be secretive, but didn't want to cause a panic either so that's why I left it up to u guys to explain!!

As far as I am concerned, you guys have come through when it counts and I count myself lucky to be an Electronicbox client!!


Carrying Place, ON
Well done Ebox, while I'm not a client myself, I'm sure a lot of other people watch these threads to see how they pan out.

When looking to change providers, support that you have shown will be remembered...

Good Job & Yay for the customer!