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reply to Davy49

Re: Administrative Menu of Wireless Gateway

said by Davy49:

A hard/full factory reset..what does that mean for my owned router that's plugged into the xfinity gateway ?

It should mean nothing, unless you accidentally do the reset on the wrong box. The only remotely possible problem might be (since I think you mentioned not using the WiFi radio on the gateway in your other thread) that the gateway's WiFi radio would use the same channel(s) as your external router after the reset.

And speaking of disabling the WiFi radio in the gateway, when you did that (or had Comcast do it for you), did you just simply disable the radio, or did you put the gateway into bridge mode (or have Comcast do it for you)? If the gateway is in bridge mode, that is possibly the reason that you can't access it by its router LAN IP address anymore. When I had my SMCD3G gateway put into bridge mode, it still functioned normally as a cable modem, but it was otherwise totally invisible (I could no longer ping it or get to its admin web server).
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Yeah, I was thinking since you didn't mention the gateway being bridged, that might be best route to go....