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reply to resa1983

Re: Voltage Versus Teksavvy, Round 2 Continued

said by resa1983:

said by rednekcowboy:

said by resa1983:

Actually, there were errors found on Dec 18, 42 people who had been contacted in error, and 92 who hadn't been contacted due to mistakes in converting IP to subscriber.

I would assume if there were mistakes like that, those would be dynamic IPs.

So at least 134 errors out of 1000 IP's that we know of? That's reliable!!

Or were we still at 2000 Ip's at that point? Either way, it's not good.

Voltage originally gave 4000 IPs or so. Came back a week later, dropped it to ~2200. Due to technical reasons, Teksavvy had to further pare that back to ~1100.

So roughly a 10% margin of error, or am I over-simplifying it?