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reply to dick white

Re: Free HBO- is this for real?

said by dick white:

This is a little bit troubling.

Exactly as I described. Hit the guide and the message popped up. It's not three months, it's four (it specifically gave the end date as May, 31).

Didn't agree to anything. I think I was sort of shocked at the unexpected message, I just exited. Immediately I was upset with myself for not snapping a picture of the message. I was hoping it would repeat itself on another box, but it didn't.

I don't even remember that it gave me any warning that I need to affirmatively cancel before May, 31st. Whatever it said, that I remember, was sort of vague.

[I paused here writing this, I thought to go to check my online account and found this proof:

"Limited Time Complimentary HBO

You currently have this service on your account."]

I guess we'll just go with the flow and call prior to the end of May to make sure it doesn't continue (but how will we get confirmation then for the request). Too bad Game of Thrones or any other worthwhile show is not currently in season. Will likely use it as much as the Showtime that is part of the bundle- maybe a couple of hours a week.