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Bronx, NY
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Re: Lobbying should be outlawed

Wait wait so now Obama is a failure so let me guess ex president Bush then was a champion on fiscal matters? Oh so you think you only pay taxes at the end of the year? if that was the case then the US government would be totally broke the rest of the year. You pay taxes on everything you purchase or services you use. Just look at your bill. Also let me guess you prefer to receive more money from work so you can instead give it back your doctor and not get any of the coverage. You have to give some to get some nothing is free. Middle class has not disappear totally so no need to sound the down. Liberalism hasn't fail uncontrolled greed aka capitalism is the one that has fail.

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Yep, Obama is a failure and Bush was 5 years ago, 5 years and still no recovery in sight. 5 years and $6 trillion in added debt and unemployment is higher than when Bush left office despite 8.5 million people leaving the workforce entirely.

Taxes...Really? I pay Federal tax on a box of Cheez-its? That is news to me. They don't pay property tax on a rental. They don't pay excise taxes when they take the bus. What exactly are all of these taxes they are paying? In California there is no sales tax on food and no personal property tax. Social Security is 1/2 paid by the employer (unless you are an employer in which case you get to pay both halves) and they'll get the other 1/2 back when they retire (assuming liberals don't bankrupt the system). Even if you consider social security contributions, that funds social security, not for any the goodies they take.

So enlighten us. What are all these taxes they are paying? What percentage of their income are they paying in taxes? I pay well over 50% of every dollar I make in taxes, way more if you count sales tax, gas tax and other local taxes. What is their effective tax rate after all the giveaways, subsidized housing, phones, utility assistance, food stamp cards, child tax credits, and tax credits like the EITC? So what is left, Medicare? 1.42%? The 1.42% that is immediately consumed by their Medi-Cal Heathy Families subsidies that bring the price of child health plans to between $4 and $24 per child up to a family maximum of $72 per month? The same plan that I pay Kaiser nearly $600 a month for? They don't pay $600 a month in sales taxes to cover that. They don't pay $7200 a year taxes period and that is just that one benefit. Forget everything else like the EITC and food stamp cards, school lunch programs and the truckloads of other stuff they get on the backs of the productive in society.

Meanwhile they are taking more from the government than ever (or voting themselves for stuff than ever), far more than they pay in. No, they don't pay taxes. They take, take, take. If they paid in more than they took out, we could cancel all of these programs and they could easily get their own stuff.

Welcome to the new normal, persistent debt, unemployment and an ever shrinking middle class. Nice knowing ya middle class, it was great while it lasted. This administration wants you all to be slaves of government so you will keep them in power as a means of subsistence. And when you pay sales tax using a government hand out, you haven't paid the tax...those who actually earn a living and are paying taxes on their income are.

Liberalism is a cancer that has eaten through and destroyed the EU and it is quickly destroying America.