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Silver Spring, MD

[CATV] Speed and connection problems

My family has the triple bundle (cable, phone and internet). While the cable television and telephone services are fine, for months we have had slow Internet speeds (we are paying for the Mach 25 level) and this past week, connectivity issues have started up. The modem seems to reboot judging by the number of times all but the power light shut off and then go through the motions. At times the modem will last seven, even 17 hours before rebooting, but more often then not, it only goes a few seconds before rebooting.

I disconnected the router and connected the modem directly to one of ours PCs, and have ruled out the router as a problem. I have checked any splitters and coaxial cables, but none appear to be a problem (at least physically, from appearances).

I have run the BR speedtest when I can, and have only been getting 229-401 kbps. The RCN speedtest at first got me 42.3 dBmV (transit power), -21 dBmV (Forward Power) and 26.9 dB (Forward Signal to Noise Ratio), but now it is putting everything at 0.

I'm stumped. I'm assuming this is something a technician will need to look at. The only change I've made to the Internet setup in the past few weeks is putting my TiVos on DHCP reservation, which as far as I know should not be causing any issues.

location: Silver Spring, MD (Washington, DC metro area)
encoded MAC: 760b699116b785d6bc41b29ecb41cc95dc52db14
modem: Motorola SURFboard SB6121 (self-owned)