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CBS crying like little spoiled brat.

What in the world do they think they are doing? This is idiotic....... They do not have a clue as to regular DVRs at the cable company or personal DVRs can do the same thing (in a way). Fast forwarding through commercials is the same as skipping. They do not get any more money if people watch commercials nor do they lose money if no one watches commercials. However, what about those who still use VCRs or DVD-Recoders? They can "pause the recording" and not record commercials thus "skipping commercials" effectively. Ehh? They are idiots who do not have a clue that some people record the content for later viewing when the show goes off the air. In a way that too is violating "copyrights". I think that they are targeting DISH because they want people to suffer through the lame ass commercials by having to fast forward through them. To me it is frivolous bs.

Grow up CBS we are because of the lame commercials and shows you do have. When you have content that people would like to watch and better commercials that actually appeal to your audience then maybe they will not skip it. Till then we will skip them all we want. Soon they are going to sue us because we use that time for nature calls and getting a sammich and that too is skipping commercials.

It is a losing battle, if people do not want to watch commercials they will, what is the difference? DUH CBS YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN THOSE PATENT TROLLS!!