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land of big

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reply to La Luna

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 Review

said by La Luna:

So that means you never make the time to learn something new? That seems rather unproductive.

We heard tons of similar complaints when Vista, then Windows 7 came out, but people finally learned how to adjust and the world didn't explode. People make it worse on themselves by resisting and subbornly refusing to take the time to learn something new just because they "shouldn't have to". Might as well adapt, or get left behind. Eventually, people will have to do it, whether they like it or not.

No, it doesn't mean that. But do you have any idea how often I mouse left to right for a reason? So I'm supposed to put up with an o/s reading it as a swipe when it's not? Why?

It's not about being stubborn, it's about knowing what I need to do on a daily basis to get work done. That's not something anyone can force on me, because there are other options for o/s. It also means if Microsoft keeps this up my software dollars and those of people like me go elsewhere. I can live with that, I've already checked into running my apps, but can they?

Bottom line for me is that a lot of the Win8 "improvements" are pretty but irrelevant and occasionally detrimental. Sometimes it's not that you're left behind because you're stubborn, it's that the ones leaving you behind forget their core mission and go off on a tangent. There's no such thing as too big to fail, even if it's Microsoft.