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Carpentersville, IL
reply to noc007

Re: [IPv6] Lost my IPv6 IP again....

I will probably re-install with a newer beta build here soon. Knowing its still in beta, a lot of changes could have been made.

As far as the actual NIC of my WAN interface, its a D-Link card. I don't know more then that without opening it up and taking it out to look at it (unless there is a way to see that from either the web interface, or some command line tool). My LAN interface is using a 3Com card. Again, without opening up my unit and taking the card out, I cannot give more info. What I got was printed on the cards themselves that I can read where I plug the network cables in.

However, knowing that it was working, and after a reboot of both my modem and the pfsense box, and not being able to pull an IPv6 IP, makes me think that something may be going on with Comcast's side of things. Again, I have not re-tested a desktop directly into my modem to verify this. If I get the chance today, I'll do that to verify things on the Comcast side are still working.

--Brian Plencner

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