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Add second wireless net to existing DSL wireless net

I have a situation where I have a DSL modem with wireless networking, and I am trying to install a second wireless router for a separate network. The standalone wireless network has five laptops networked to a sixth laptop, in a server/client setup. To complicate things, I am plugging the server laptop into a LAN connection on the DSL modem. The server shows both the LAN connection with internet access, and the second wireless network without internet access. The client laptops just show the wireless network, without internet access. This is exactly what I need - internet access for the server but no access for the five clients. I have each wireless router on a separate channel and only auto connect to the standalone wireless network. Is there anything I need to do to the setup of either of the routers to avoid problems?? The wireless network without internet access seems to be abnormally slow in response and I am wondering if there is any interference between networks. None of the laptops are accessing the DSL wireless network, but I still need that DSL wireless capability for other computers in the building. Sorry for the long question.


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A diagram would help.

To clarify, you have a DSL modem with integrated wireless router. A server is plugged into this router and it has internet access.

Also plugged into a LAN port on the modem is another wireless router (by its WAN port). Then you have 5 machines connected to this router's wireless and you want them to have access to the server but not to the internet?

If I got that right, then the only way to reliably prevent the 5 clients from accessing the internet is by placing a firewall between them and the internet. You could fudge this by changing or removing the default route from the second router, such that it has no route to the internet.

The clients should have no problem accessing the server in this configuration. If you are seeing long delays before connection, it could be that they're waiting for DNS or some internet service to time out. I'm not sure how you would fix that without giving them internet. Perhaps by using a firewall and allowing the clients DNS access without internet access the delays would go away.


First statement is correct
Second statement is not - The two routers are NOT connected. The second wireless router is a standalone network with the server and 5 client machines. The server connects to the second router wirelessly and to the DSL modem by ethernet cable. Sorry for the confusion.