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[CenturyTel] Keep getting disconnected from game servers!

I recently moved to a new-built home (probably 1000ft away from my old one), but my old ISP (Time Warner Cable) refused to come service us. So the only other choice was CenturyLink.

The ping for one has tripled compared to TWC while gaming (~200ms average vs. 60ms average), with a LOT of lag spikes (ping goes up to 400ms and stays for about 15 seconds). Fine, at least I can play normally, right? WRONG. I constantly get disconnected from the server I am connected to, probably every 5 minutes or so. I would time out, then won't be able to reach the server again for about 5 minutes. It's weird because my Internet still works during this. This is frustrating; I can't even enjoy a game of Call of Duty without lagging and then timing out.

If there were other high speed ISPs around us, we would switch in a heartbeat. It's not just for my gaming; my mother works from home and a fast Internet connection is necessary. We currently have the 1.5Mbps package right now, but we intend to upgrade to the highest package available. Too bad their customer service told us their offices are closed, and their website has been under "routine maintenance" for God knows how long. I would rate the customer service as "pretty f-cking horrible" right about now. I just hope their Internet speed could stay above "sub-par".

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• I have seen this as a major complaint from many CL users. Sometimes there is a fix and other times it appears to be lack of bandwidth.

• Run three tracerts and a direct ping. One to the game server when you are not playing. One when you start to lag. One when you cannot reach the server for 5 minutes.

• Can you please post your signals and stats?
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probably poor latencey

Boise, ID
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Hey there dennis96411, this is B with the CenturyLink Help Team. I'm sorry to hear your DSL connection & speeds have not been very consistent. If you need further assistance with your service, send me your information through our online webform, and I'll check your DSL line for any issues: »

CenturyLink Help Team