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Henderson, NV
reply to CoxTech1

Re: [NV] Question - Upg to Ultimate w/ Cox Phone

That's not true. On the button itself in the 'MyConnection' page, when you hover over the 'Order Services' button it pops up Order/Upgrade Your Services.

If you can't upgrade your service on the web site, then why did it let me do it??? I was logged into my account!

To Clarify, what you said may be 'true' but that's not what the Cox web site is leading people to believe.

Also, since I wasn't ordering/changing my Cox Phone service, then why did it ask me if I wanted to use the modem included with my Cox Phone service, lol.


Portsmouth, VA

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Well do you have cox's phone service? because if so, you can request from cox to upgrade the phone modem to a D3 eMTA, which can provide both your cox home phone service, and your ultimate internet service. The modem will be no charge to you, but if you ever decide to stop using there phone service you will be required to return the modem, and/or maybe able continue to use it at a monthly fee. Regardless you need to call cox's billing/sales to get your matter taken care of, as using the cox site is pretty much useless for adding any kind of service.