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North York, ON
reply to joke ah_ha

Re: Voltage - still no cease and desist letter?

said by joke ah_ha :

said by JMJimmy:

I love how urgent they made it sound in court to get these titles off P2P yet they can't seem to draft a simple cease and desist for TSI to distribute.

That's cuz what voltage stated is a complete joke.

When they bitched about how their IP-property was available by these few people and was continuing to create huge losses for them, it really was a joke. I laughed when they stated this.

The lousy few TSI-only people who may be continuing to upload (if they are) pale in comparison to the American's or the rest of the world for that matter.

And keep in mind, this is likely only one release. Warez, movies and so forth have diff release groups and the average indie guy on P2P with a diff version/formatting of the same thing.

So I think the voltage "lawlyer" was just looking for a chuckle. A cheap laugh. He didn't really mean it.

Were you in the courtroom too?
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joke ah_ha

said by resa1983:

Were you in the courtroom too?

Are the the girl who giggled along with me?