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Re: Am I Crazy and What Can I Do?

said by hm :

said by rednekcowboy:

My question is what should I do in this situation to protect myself?

Well if you have software the logs everything in and out of all computers *to the net*, and same with whatever router you have, and if you have a few months worth of records showing this, then the answer is simple.

1. Go to the CCTS website here: »www.ccts-cprst.ca

2. Write up a complaint against Ebox stating how they refused to listen that the counter is wrong.

3. State you are not the only one who noticed this and yet Ebox claims it's only you. Link back to here or get the other guys Email addy and do a group filing (more than one person with the same issue) which is a allowed with the CCTS.

4. Include all your data in raw form (months worth would be preferable). The name of the software collecting the data, Router make and model if using router counters etc.

5. Highlight the problem(s) on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

6. Make a demand in your complaint for a retro-active compensation for overages with interest from Ebox for the X-months you have been over-charged, apparently for nothing.

7. Make a demand for damages (forget the proper term) that you are allowed (think it's a max of 1000-5000$) and demand something like 200$ for the aggravation of dealing with them when you showed them the proof and the fact that they told you it's only you when in fact it isn't, and them not wanting anything to do with the situation as they took your money.

8. Ask how you are supposed to trust this counter if nothing regulates it.

9. Ask how they, the CCTS, can confirm that the counter is 100% accurate and not deprive you of your hard earned money for nothing again in the future.

10. Hit the send button.

11. Wait for a reply.

12. Keep us informed.

Or, alternatively...

Do nothing and continue paying for what you see as an injustice and keep this forum topic alive and well for years to come.

I may do this, if I have to. So far I'm only out of pocket $15, however what makes me nervous is the potential that I could be out of pocket should a large discrepancy puts me over my usage by a large amount.

I was also kind of hoping that Electronic Box would just do the right thing and can't understand for the life of me why they are taking this stance. I could kind of see their point when they told me that I was the only one reporting the issue, however that turned out to be completely false.

I'm just in shock now really because Electronic Box is not known for this kind of behavior. I'm leery of filing a complaint with CCTS for a couple of reasons:

1. The process is extremely slow and will likely end up with no satisfactory resolution.

2. When I filed a complaint against Rogers, Rogers turned around and summarily dropped me as a customer and the CCTS claimed there was nothing they could do to help me despite emails from Rogers techs stating the issue was in house (another long story). This was when I lived in New Brunswick and had no other viable alternatives for cable tv or internet so it really put me in a hard spot and left me with a sour taste in my mouth for the CCTS.

3. I was really hoping for an amicable solution such as Ebox stating, "OK sir, please continue to keep your records, they are most helpful and don't worry, if there is a large discrepancy you will not be billed." I'm not making things up, nor am I looking for anything for free (the 30 GB overage happened in a month where I was already 100 GB over to begin with, if I was making it up I would simply claim the whole overage, not just 30 GB) but at the same time I don't want to be charged for usage that I did not incur.

Thanks for your advice HM, I'll wait until Diskace replies either here or my PM and what support has to say on Monday before I decide how to proceed.



I read of some people arguing B/W at the CCTS and winning. So don't count yourself out before even trying.

As for Ebox, I wouldn't worry. IF you show there is error and they rule in your favour, Ebox can just do a charge-back on Videotron.

Keep in mind the complaint has to be against Ebox and no one else. They have to do their job and deal with videotron before or after, not you.

And a company can't just drop you because you made a complaint heh.