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New York, NY
reply to ccallana

Re: Haswell vs Ivy Bridge Benchmarked Compared Clock-for-Clock

said by ccallana:

Performance gains in CPU maybe are not as big, but performance gains in the GPU are increasing significantly. More and more die space is being used for GPU instead of CPU (percentage wise).

I wouldn't say the direction is similar to Microsoft's at all.....

That depends on ones perspective,....

I personally don't really care much about iGPU. My main system right now is Core i7 3930K based.

The Intel iGPU does have its place (Quick Sync, mobile and so on) but not everyone is into that. Keeping CPU performance stagnant in favor of increasing iGPU performance isn't a decision that I find favorable.

Mobile computing may receive Windows 8 a little better then desktop so it might be a lot more like it IMO then one might think.

And for the record I use Windows 8 Pro (3 licenses) with the new UI / Metro and like it just fine. I'm not sour on Windows 8 I'm just using it as an example and that example is that it isn't for everyone,....