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Re: FTTN 25/10 and 50/10 with Fibe TV + Unlimited Bandwidth

My previous post
Yes I know $86.95 minus $33.00 = $53.95 and not the 49.95 what the promo say's but she couldn't over ride the price so knock off the 4 bucks difference on 1 of my other services.


Saint-Leonard, QC
In your confirmation it say month 1 , try to call Bell and ask if it's really for the time you have 3 services with them.

Toronto, ON

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reply to rich
So separate from the $10 unlimited bandwidth add-on with 3 services, if you have 4 services with Bell they are offering $33 ongoing credit on Fibe 50? I have 2 services (Wireless and Internet), when I checked the best they offered was $5 for 12 months.


reply to Mont
The monthly 1 time was for the services they removed only.
The $33 credit is ongoing as long as I keep all my services with them.
I didn't post all the confirmation e-mail because it contained personal info.


reply to BliZZardX
That's the deal they offered me that the $33 is ongoing as long as I maintain all my services.Even phoned back to verify again and same info,also got the girls ID number as backup.Like I stated before nothing is stopping them from raising the base 50/10 rate in the future to re-coop their money.