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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to tanzam75

Re: How slow is TWC?

said by tanzam75:

said by elray:

I think Sonic seriously mis-stepped by requiring dialtone and the modem rental, instead of offering up a two-pair naked service pushing 40M. But they can only do so much - they may be focusing their resources on near-term FTTH.

According to Sonic, this is because they've run into a lot of problems with dry-loop service: »corp.sonic.net/ceo/2012/03/01/fu ··· changes/

Summary: Dry loops create a lot of problems with the install, and are also liable to be "stolen," as technicians use the absence of dialtone to indicate that a pair is not in use.

By forcibly bundling dialtone, they enable self-installs, are guaranteed to get a known-working copper pair, and become immune to line-"stealing" because the AT&T technician will hear a dialtone.

Actually, Sonic's blog entry you cite says nothing about problems with dry loops, nor does dry loop negate self-install, while the presence of dialtone does not guarantee it.

I take no issue with a CEO sacrificing certain niche customers if they don't fit within the company's most efficient service model. But Dane hasn't made that case, not that he has to. I'm just suggesting that the 40M product has the potential to keep Sonic relevant over the next few years, while CableCo and U-Verse continue to improve their speed tiers.