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Cumming, GA

2701hg-b Wireless anomalies with Iphone WI-FI

Iphones all connected with Wi-FI when I was running only the 2701 as the home network. Multiple wired and wireless devices all worked using WPA2 security. Fast forward to expanded home network with an added wireless access point (netgear wpn824n) Cat5 hard wired back the 2wire. All hard wired and non Apple wireless devices work fine but heres the problem, the Iphones can connect to the the Netgear but when I take them to the other end of the house and try to connect to the 2wire, it askes for the security password but then pops up and askes for the security password over and over again. Connects to the Netgear fine.

Here are the things Ive tried, SSID both the same and different, WPA2 security passwords set the same and different and turned off the access point. I have been able to gain WI-FI access if I turn everything off and bring up only the 2wire and reset the iphones but once I log into the netgear once then I cant get into the 2wire after that. Im suspecting something related to the MAC address and how Apple products interact with the 2wire. My non-Apple laptops can go between the 2wire and Netgear without problems. Very strange........any ideas.


No experience here whatsoever, but here' something easy to try if you haven't already. Put the 2701 and the AP on different channels. Should pick two of 1, 6, or 11. In general, this is a good thing to do so that the two wifi's won't constantly be polluting each other.


Cumming, GA
I forgot to mention that I have them on different channels and I have even tried changing the combination of channels even further than 6 frequencies apart. Maybe its time to upgrade to a Modem/Router with more modern features.