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Can a tech challenged person do this and start up costs?

I have been reading this forum and I am interested in signing up. I am a current hughesnet subscriber for 13 years and my patience with that wore out a long time ago. I don't know anything about troubleshooting routers or modems and I'm wondering if it's going to be complicated and over my head to set up and maintain. Also in addition to the start up costs am I correct to understand that I might need a cradlepoint router and maybe an antenna and/or a booster? I want to be realistic about costs. I am also considering Verizon homefusion. Thanks for any comments.

On The Road
If you have good verizon signal where you want to use the mifi, then it should just work. You plug it in and connect to it. You don't need a cradlepoint or anything.

However, if you don't have good signal, then you might need an antenna or amp or whatever.


Cobbs Creek, VA
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the very first check is to see if you are in a covered area, Verizon or Sprint. Checked the coverage maps?
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Yes I can get 3G and 4G hotspot or 3G on the unlimited plan or BYOD which I don't think I would attempt. I'm just wary of running into issues I don't have enough knowledge to troubleshoot. I am leaning toward the hotspot because Verizon towers are closer. I appreciate the responses. I am only considering homefusion because a professional would be setting it up. Twice the data would be a major plus though!


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You can do it!!!

Seriously, the easiest is if you feel certain you have Verizon coverage ... that is likely pretty straightforward plug and play. Actually, same if you KNOW you have good Sprint coverage. The only reason, in my opinion, not to go for the BYOD plan is if you are uncertain about the quality of the coverage since you do not want to worry about troubleshooting. (I understand!)

I ultimately ended up with the Verizon MiFi plan and have it hooked to a directional antenna. We have that antenna primarily to keep the signal steady and it now gets regular 4G. Depending upon your coverage, you may not need the extra antenna or an amp.

Good luck and have faith!! LOL It's worth it, I think, to get better service.



Vanleer, TN
can you give me details on your 4g antenna ?


Lost today
» ··· P750.pdf This is what I use along with 20ft lmr400 and cell phone mate direct connect amp. I use the 15DBI.


Mulberry, FL
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As far as service level, the verizon hotspot is the same service as the home fusion. Both LTE services. The hotspot is very easy to setup. When you receive it from millenicom, it's already setup and ready to go for you out of the box. It includes an instruction sheet that basically says the wifi password is inside the battery cover. Make note of the password, power it on, connect the power cable if battery is low and connect your wifi to the device. That's it. Actually the homefusion on a tech level would be harder to troubleshoot because it has more parts making it more complicated than the simple hotspot is.


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Thank you all for the advice. I am going to place my order tomorrow. It's great to know that this forum is here if I do have issues.


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Not sure who you were asking about the 4G antenna ...

Get in touch with Gord at He will help you find just what you need.

We have the newest directional antenna he has. Easy set up -- we had a pole -- and has been very reliable. Strong winds buffeted it about recently and I just jiggled it back into position. Soooo high tech of me, eh?

There are many antenna places around but I know that the SERVICE you get from Max Signal is great. Important when making this kind of investment.