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Jay FR Va


Direct TV, straw that broke the camel's back.

I finally had enough and kicked Direct TV to the curb after my system quit working again for the third time in the past 5 years. I've been using them since the 90's, and over the years I've watched the programming get worse, and the pricing increase. Their current offers are cheaper than what they are willing to give to their "loyal customers" unless you threaten them with cancellation. After being a loyal customer for 10+ years, I shouldn't have to threaten them, to get them to repair the system again.

My system went out a few days ago. I contacted DTV last night, and asked if they would repair the system once again? Answer was no, unless I paid them $50 or agreed to a monthly service agreement on top of the $128 I already give them a month. I said OK, I really don't want a service call, nor a protection plan. I am thinking about upgrading to HD anyway, can you upgrade my package (going to hd requires a new install anyway). Reply, no dice, we don't have any offers for you.

So today I call them back to cancel my account, but wait, now they want to bend over backwards and kiss my a**. They want to repair the system for free and give me a new package. But you know what, to hell with them, I should not have to threaten these bozos just to get them to fix their crappy equipment or offer an upgrade to me that they are offering to their new customers. These people are just as bad as some used car salespeople.

I'm done with DTV, I've ordered Dish instead, maybe they will do better, maybe not. I guess there always is cable