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I Hear Dead Silicon
Saint Paul, MN

Frontier in AppleValley

A friend of mine lives in AppleValley, MN near the Cobblestone Lake Neighborhood. Wondering if any of you have access to knowledge of the DSL plants/RT's in that area and know (A)what equipment Frontier uses to service that Neighborhood (and neighborhoods near there) and (B) the condition of DSL service offerings in that area (ADSL, VDSL, FIOS? & Good, bad, ugly?)

Thanks much!

Strange Data

I'm on the other side of town, actually by the CO and not a remote terminal and it's all copper here. To be honest, it's stable and you get advertised speeds day and night. However, price is high for speeds offerings compared to Charter cable (only other offering).
Try to stay away from them if you're looking for any sort of speed or advancement in technology. I was on a plan where it was 8M down 0.5M up and then the TCP/IP fairy moved me to a 6M ,8M line, all for the same great price (off contract) of $60. Nobody at their tech support knows why. If you friend wants a stable line, but slow and expensive compared to other offerings, take it.