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reply to lilstone87

Re: [AZ] Speed Increase 01/31/13

said by lilstone87:

Watch out buying pre-owned modem's they could be blacklisted by the isp, and you get screwed with a modem that you can't use. If I was you, I would try to come up with $80, and get a D3 modem from a local cox store. Plus the one's at the cox store's should be 8x4 D3 modem's, unlike the Motorola SB6120 you mentioned, that's a 4x4 D3 modem. Which mean's the 6120 is limited to 4 downstream channel's, and is a older D3 modem. The newer D3 modem's are 8x4, and can bond up to 8 downstream channel's. If you want a motorola modem, look at a Motorola SB6180, or SB6141. The SB6141 modem availability is more, compared to the SB6180, but both are 8x4 D3 modem's.

Eh, it's unlikely I'll be moving beyond the preferred tier in the near future and money is tight right now. As much as I'd like to have an 8x4 modem for "future proofing" in case I do go beyond preferred I'm not sure I can do it at the moment. I'll spend a few days looking my options and make a decision based on what I've found.

As for buying a blacklisted used modem, I'm aware of the possibility. Best I can do is just avoid ones that seem suspiciously cheap. Too bad Cox won't give me a free modem for being a customer for so long. ¬_¬


Las Vegas, NV
You only get a free one if you have their phone service with their EMTA modem. But you can't keep it, you just don't have to pay rent for it.