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Pleasant Hill, MO

gdebi-gtk wont install? Meaning to skype! HELP PLEASE!

Put mint 14 cinnamon on my dad's laptop, everything was working perfectly until I downloaded the latest skype from skype's website and tried to install it. Downloaded the .deb installer for it, tried to install it and it said it couldn't download gdebi-gtk.

Anyone know how to fix this? Other than that its working perfectly and dad needs skype to talk to friends/family in Mexico.

EDIT: its the 64bit version.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Is there some reason you cannot install Skype from within Mint via Software Manager?

Also, isn't Skype already installed in Mint? It is on mine.


Pleasant Hill, MO
It isn't on mine 14. And I found the problem, mint 14 doesnt work with 32 bit applications out of the box, had to manually add that in. Got it working now.

MOD King
Plano, TX
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Yeah, it's really the opposite on Linux as it is on Windows.

On Windows you head to the web to download each application and install it from each vendors web site or pop in a CD/DVD you bought.

On Linux, that's the last thing you want to do, and only if you have too. Normally everything you need should be in your distro's repos. If it's not in your disto's repos, there is probably a third party repo you can add for it. It's worst case you head to the vendors web site and install.

I'm not sure if the OP came from Windows or not, but this is just a general rule of thumb I have learned to follow and I have found it works well for me.

EDIT: I'm too slow. Glad you got it working. I'll leave my post in case it helps someone.
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Pleasant Hill, MO
I use both. I only got the one from the website because its a new version than the package manager had.