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Portsmouth, VA
reply to kv2009

Re: [LA] Cox LA Network Upgrades Soon?

said by kv2009:

said by Rakeesh:

said by SlashG42:

Four times the upload speed for Premier would be awesome. So much of what the typical user does is upstream-intensive. Even something as simple as FaceTime eats upstream bandwidth. Uploading photos or videos is also something that everyone does now.

I don't think copper will ever suit that purpose well in any economical fashion. It's either fiber or bust if you want high upstream.

Not really...not with channel bonding. Bonding multiple upstream channels can provide a massive amount of bandwidth. Yes, fiber is amazing, but four upstream channels at 64QAM can yield upwards of 80Mbps of upstream line capacity, uncapped. Even bonding four channels at 16QAM will yield you a ton of speed, upwards of around 30Mbps or so, uncapped. Of course you more than likely won't see these kinds of uncapped speeds, but it's theoretically possible.

Now, imagine bonding eight upstream channels - that is a massive amount of speed for a cable connection.

Well unless Cable ISP's can find/manage ways to reduce noise on the upstream, to be able to use higher QAM's to provide more bandwidth. They are still holding them self's back a lot, and will push them to a FTTH system a lot sooner then they would like. Because currently with the D3 system in place, the ISP's are stuck at a max of 5 upstream channel's, and the lowest of the upstream frequency's are just a headache to manage noise wise.

Reason why there is still the need for 16QAM on the upstream, as the current system's are to noisy, and they don't have no solution as of yet to this issue. I am not exactly up to the point with docsis 3.1, but I do think they have the option to open more space for the upstream. Which is gonna be the next key thing for cable network's, as far as more bandwidth capacity is concerned for the future.