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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN

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Re: Shower Drain Clogged - Call a Plumber or use Drain Cleaner?

said by asterger:

I've had plumbers tell me never use a drain cleaner. Sound advice or are they looking for work?

Drain cleaners usually don't work. Either the clog is not solid enough and the cleaner just passes by. Or it's solid enough that it just doesn't do enough to break it up.

Most drain cleaners are caustic, either a base or an acid plus some other nasties. If the pipe has to be removed, not only does the person doing the work have to deal with whatever was plugging the drain and any water lingering around, but now a significant amount of caustic liquid that has to be dealt with.

Ditto what everyone else says. Zip strip for a fast, cheap attempt at fixing the issue. Pipe snake if that doesn't work.