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Re: Am I Crazy and What Can I Do?

This is an ongoing battle with every ISP that has caps and measures your traffic. There are constant threads about Bell's counters and Cogeco's counters. The fact that Videotron bill such high rates for overages makes it even more egrerious.

Unfortunately, there are very few consumer "wins" that are reported.

CCTS is the way to go to start with. Then if that doesn't work, a trip to small claims court.

The answer is simple. You have no way whatsoever to ensure the validity of the numbers they charge you, and therefore since it's a metered charge, their word simply is not good enough. When before a judge, it becomes your word vs theirs.

Theirs in this case, as the client of a 3rd party internet provider, is the 3rd party provider. Not with the incumbent who is providing the last mile service, even if it is the incumbent who has the measuring tool. Now it may be that the TPIA would bring in the incumbent as a witness. Now if the TPIA gets a case held against him, he can go to the incumbent and claim against him, either through the CRTC or the courts.

You have no claim against the incumbent.