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Clarksville, TN

Question about Uverse profiles

I'm on pair bonded service and a profile of 25/2. That profile gives me 3HDh and 1sd stream. I've had major issues and had multiple tech out...They finally fixed the problem but the last outside tech said I was getting 52 megs per line, which would be 104 total mbps...? My question is since each HD stream is only around 7mbps why can't my profile be changed to give me the 4 total HD streams? I've been told that if you are on paired bonding the 25/2 is the max. Why is that?


Just to clarify for the record I am not a uverse tech "At This Time". The tech is prob FOS. An iNID wil sync on a single pair all day and run just fine, it's done in certain areas as a SOP, San Antonio to be very specific. It's possible to get these numbers if you are in the low 2K range from the vrad, but I have only seen it hit 100Mb combined twice, and I have installed hundreds of these. If you are that close you do not need an iNID unless, like in the SA area you have poor outside plant.

The iNIDs are not provisioned for the higher speeds, in my opinion, as well as many IR techs (outside linemen) for the same reason the fiber is purposely hamstrung, they do not want to serve that much bandwidth because they wou;d also have to offer the higher internet speeds as well and that would cause many video customers to go to internet only, thus gutting that proprietary compressed video nonsense they offer today.


Scarborough, ON
reply to crash58
The mediaroom software would likely have to be changed to support that. Up here in Canada, Bell offers symmetrical 175mbps service with FTTH, but you're still limited to 3HD and 1SD streams due to the mediaroom software.