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Burnt Out Cynic
reply to steelingbox

Re: Microsoft Rumored to Release Subscription-based Windows Blue

Wow this is off track...

How about that nix thought of my usb transceiver for my wireless keyboard and mouse as a bluetooth transceiver, and blocked it from being used normally which just passed through the wireless keyboard and mouse which work perfectly without any software being installed as if they were wired devices including in the bios. As in they worked during the setup, but once installed in nix neither responded until I had to manually edit a configuration file to exclude a brand of devices from being used as a bluetooth transceiver using other intput devices.

This on top of quite a bit of advanced support lacking in nix in general as many companies don't support nix, however they support windows, and osx.

The yearly updates like the apple updates will get annoying, especially since many people are used to buying something that the operating system that should be supported for many years. With the extension xp will of had support for 13 years, they get major os updates once a month, and many programs will auto-update, otherwise will usually tell the user their is a new version out. I understand in nix you can update other software packages by adding the repository, or manually executing packages, however some people felt uac was too annoying to add an extra click, do you really think they will correctly sudo the installer?
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