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reply to asterger

Re: Shower Drain Clogged - Call a Plumber or use Drain Cleaner?

said by asterger:

I've had plumbers tell me never use a drain cleaner. Sound advice or are they looking for work?

We always inquire if the customer has used any "drain cleaners" before attempting to resolve the problem for the safety of our techs and equipment. I've written a few injury reports due to customers that are not forthcoming with their attempts. As cdru See Profile mentioned, some of the stuff on the market is very caustic.

If the stoppage is beyond the wall or floor and the "drain cleaner" doesn't work and just sits there melting the ABS, PVC, etc, the cost to repair the line could very easily exceed the cost of a simple service call to clear it. Food for thought.

Edit: TIP - I used to pull the PO plug and stick a 1" copper fitting brush in the lavi drain to clean them out. If it's just hair, soap scum and all that crap up close to the top, it would do a pretty nice job. Probably one of the nastiest plumbing jobs one will run across IMO.