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Indy Sabre
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Re: Oldest running MAIN PC?

Still have a nice Dell D8300 running XP. I have replaced dead Video card and swapped the hard drive but it is still ticking.

Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
I always end up swapping hard drives way before anything else dies(usually 2-3 times, before something like a case fan gets noisy, very easy+cheap fix, except in some cheaply made OEMs, still cheap but you may need to figure out retrofitting such a case to work with a standard fan). I miss the old drives. New ones had capacity and speed, but the old ones used to last forever. Many had been swapped from PC to PC via adapters to look back on some old retro data. Got one from one of the oldest Apple Macs(back when it was just called MacOS) and still ticking. The PSU blew on it a few years back, otherwise, the whole box would be operational. It was a cost vs benefit factor for me in replacing the PSU on a currently limited budget(money was not an object when I had more work), as keeping current machines in top shape takes priority.
A fool thinks they know everything.

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There are zealots for every OS, like every religion. They do not represent the majority of users for either.

I have two pieces of medical equipment that I still use. One is a 486 running Win 3.1 and the other is a modified laptop that runs NT 4.0.

Why not upgrade? They work fine for the purpose they were designed for and upgrading would cost far in excess of hardware and software: it includes extensive testing and documentation that would need to be sent to the FDA for approval. In essence it would have to be done on thousands of machines and would cost millions of dollars and then you would have no real improvement in functionality.
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