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Bless you Howie

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Re: Haswell vs Ivy Bridge Benchmarked Compared Clock-for-Clock

But WEI moved up even so. I'm not so sure that Win7 wasn't a new challenge to hardware on some levels. And Win8 is something of a significant change under the hood and in interface.

Even so, if a new OS flately and absolutely doesn't justify a measurable increase in performance, there is still software, games, apps, more demanding web use...

The bottleneck hasn't been the CPU in countless years, I hope it won't be in the coming years.

If Win8 would mean my aged Phenom Quad would deliver more performance, maybe I need to get it? What measure of increase in performance is there? I've heard nothing of this, so I have to ask.

Furthermore: if the only improvements are a better iGPU and less power used, why must consumers have to live in yet another socket change? Is intel expecting they have the right to force people into a new socket and new mainboard chipset because of those reasons?

Sounds more like change for changes sake as I reflect on this. I guess it's good since I cannot afford a new build anyways. My old Phenom II Quad will remain adequate then, so why bother getting an Intel system? Better I put any money I have into SSDs perhaps?
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Aren't we only talking about basic benchmarks here? We've not seen numbers from real-world applications. So really we can't say what is going on here.